Dionne Anyah titled her LP (Long Play) project, “ALPHA,” with a double meaning behind it. One being, the beginning, due to this being her first ever release of a complete body of work; Which is, also, why she chose the date February 26th for release, she was conceived on this date. Second, her Alpha mentality, which is not about the often perceived meaning, dominating. An Alpha mentality to her consists of leading in life with God, self-confidence, self-acceptance, truth, vulnerability and ambition. Although, she has been in the music industry for several years, she is recognizing this project as being the official beginning marker of her music career. She is releasing her art and embracing her truths, ambitions, God given talent, motivations and confidence within herself. This LP has an A Side and B Side, both containing 7 songs each. The A Side speaks to the pain she has endured in life and the lessons she has learned, her resiliency through it all and letting go of the past. The B Side is about manifestation, love, light and some of her deepest desires. This project has songs that create an urge to dance, cry, fall in love to or even sing your heart out with. She truly displays how talented her voice and penmanship is and how diverse she can be while still remaining to her R&B/Soul roots. This entire project can be listened to without having to hit skip once. And now, after several years in the making, she presents to the world, the ALPHA LP.

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